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September 29, 2011

A whole lot about nothing at all

Good grief, I don’t update this blog nearly enough. However, today I got an urge to post something. That’s what comes from reading “Letters of E.B. White”, I suppose. Anytime I read something by a master writer, I get a bit poetic. Or in layman’s terms, verbose.

It did occur to me recently that, as far as I know, no one actually reads this blog often. Therefore, if I have somehow overlooked you, please comment and let me know. I get plenty of comments, but rarely one with any intelligence. Blog spammers discovered my blog some time ago, and seem to take a good bit of pleasure in inundating my little corner of the web with stupidity. I have a special plugin that automatically marks all of them, but I still like reading through the spam list for laughs. It amazes me that they really think that by giving me vague, idle praise, I’d actually click on the fishy link under their name. It amazes me even more that people are dumb enough to do exactly that, thus why the strategy hasn’t worn out yet.

I think the primary thing that hold me back from posting on here is the idea that my posts need to be about something, when in all actuality, concrete subject matter is rather beyond the point. That isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with one of my posts having a clear purpose, but the same is true of ones that don’t. It would seem to me that people don’t read blogs for substance near as often as they read them for distraction. I doubt anyone would find the latest goings-on in my life the least bit interesting, but maybe that’s just because those goings-on are mundane reading in my eyes.

Truth is, I always regret not keeping a more consistent log of activities and adventures. I’ve started five journals in my life, and each one is at least 60% blank. My follow-through is something awful when it comes to journaling habits, and this blog is no exception. Therefore, I am going to try an experiment – post once a day, every day, for a month. If nothing else is accomplished, at least I’ll have something to read back on in twenty years.

On other subjects, today is National Coffee Day, which prompted an all-caps discussion on my forum ( I’m on my fourth cup right now. Mom got miraculously healed of her twenty-year-old caffeine allergy, so she’s as much of an addict now as I am. The benefit is that I have someone else to share that morning cup with. The drawback is that she determines the recipe. I like mine a bit stronger than she does…three scoops to seven cups, as opposed to her nine. The jitters should set in any minute now. If my doc were reading this blog right now, he’d probably give me a scolding for going over my limit of three cups a day, though I really don’t care. That’s half the reason I’m still drinking the stuff – pure, unadulterated rebellion. Feels good in a weird sort of way. I listen to my doc about everything else, but some part of me just enjoys going against medical advice in favor of a rare caffeine buzz.

Or perhaps I’m just building up a tolerance for med school coffee. I hear that stuff can dissolve a spoon.

Actually, this is the first day in the past two weeks that I’ve actually been able to accomplish much without my brain glitching. It has been windy for several days, which always makes thinking difficult. Air is pretty calm today, so that is definitely helping my focus. I should be working on AP Biology right now, but as I said, reading E.B. White triggered my blogging instinct. I’m a serial writer. I can’t help myself.

Programming has been interesting. I find it fascinating that one can make a staggering amount of progress, and yet still be in a rut. I’ve recouped all the work-time I lost in the programming language switch, by completing two of the twenty challenges in the game. This is to the exception of the video, however. GStreamer is a weird little bugger. Nary a decent tutorial on the thing on the web. If I understood it half as well as I understand Python, I’d author one myself. Instead, I’m still trying to figure out how to make a video automatically seek in itself.

I submitted a question to Stack Overflow and let it sit a week (with a bounty on it, no less), and only just got a feeble reply. It didn’t do much to answer my question, but I’m too stingy to let 50 reputation points go to waste, so I let the chap have it. Turns out, he’s struggling with a very similar dragon in HIS code. I’m suspecting this one has two heads, so I invited him to a one-on-one chat sometime, to see if we can’t slay it together. No response as of yet.

My animator is having a much better time, from what I can gather. She’s cranking out animations like the world ends tomorrow. I have about a hundred sound bytes to master for her so she can finish this set of animations in time for the September 30th deadline. As today is the 29th, I’m going to go ahead and give us both an extension. I axed the majority of our holiday vacation for this year, so an extension wouldn’t hurt anything. We’ve got an extra month that I never factored into our work schedule.

I decided to play through my entire collection of TobyMac CDs, save the live concert recording, and I’m about halfway through the last disc, so I had best cut this blog post short. I’m going to spending the almost the entire day at the church tomorrow, proofing our lyric slides and programming our new hotkey system into everything. For some bizarre reason, I’m actually looking forward to it. Tomorrow’s blog post will reveal whether that feeling holds out. Chances are I’ll be borrowing a bit of the church’s bandwidth to update this blog, not that anyone will miss it. As far as I know, the only other people that will be using the internet tomorrow are our worship leader, the secretary, and the web server in the back room.

Until tomorrow.


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