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You've reached the internet home of Jason C. McDonald, a.k.a. CodeMouse92: storyteller, communicator, enigma hunter, and bow tie aficionado.

Officially, I'm the CEO and Lead Developer at MousePaw Media, and the Production Editor at AJ Charleson Publishing LLC, where my books are also published.

If you're looking for my popular "Dead Simple Python" series, or any of my other tech articles, you can find them on DEV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened to the blog?
A: I'm recalibrating my writings. Most of my tech articles can be found on DEV. I'm evaluating platforms for my humor writing, so stay tuned. (If you're looking for a particular article, contact me.)

Q: What do you mean by 'time lord'? Isn't that just a nerd reference?
A: 'Time Lord' is a running joke that is actually quite a bit bigger on the inside. See that page for more.

Q: Wait...you're not Brian Sodano, are you?
A: If you're looking for my friend CodeMouse (Brian Sodano), you can find him at codemouse.com

Q: What does CodeMouse92 mean?
A: The moniker started with a prank war over a decade ago, in which I depicted several online friends, and eventually myself, as rodents in an original web game I made. My character was "Luke D. Mouse," a nerdy little rat who adopted the "Mouse" surname to avoid species discrimination. Luke is now a main character in a game series I'm producing, and "CodeMouse92" remains my quirky online screenname.

Q: What does indeliblebluepen mean?
A: I picked up the domain as the name for my blog many years ago. It is a poetic reminder that everything I write and say is permanent (indelible), and thus I must choose my words with wisdom. Anyhow, I like blue.

Q: Why does your website look like 1998?
A: Because I wanted it to.

I make no particular claims to normality...

Is That Really You?

My PGP public key is available on the PGP Global Directory and the Ubuntu Keyserver. You can also download it directly right here. This is the key I use to sign and/or encrypt emails and files.

Around The Web

I'm pretty easy to find online. By and large, the best way to get a hold of me is through email or Freenode IRC (##c++-friendly, #learn-programming, #python, #ubuntu-offtopic, ##uncomment).

You can email me at . If you're feeling twitchy about security, you can email instead.

As to Facebook, I ditched the Big Blue Book a long time ago and deleted my account. (In light of the recent creepy/illegal/unethical stuff they've pulled, I urge everyone to do the same.)