Indelible Blue Pen

Jason C. McDonald (CodeMouse92)

November 18, 2011

That group stupidity we all call popular culture…

I’ve given up watching those entertainment news shows. If there is anything I’ve learned from those programs, it is that celebrities are dysfunctional individuals. Hollywood anymore is comparable to Batman’s Arkham City: a town of people too crazy to let loose on the rest of the world (in the flesh, that is). Maybe that’s why movie studios have such high security…

And yet, these same goofballs are the ones that run popular culture. A star shows up in public wearing a dress that looks like it was made while the designer was under the influence, and the next thing you know, people are knocking each other over to buy the last one at the boutique.

Popular fashion is a weird thing. A lot of kids my age are walking around in jeans that look like they were rubbed with bacon grease and tossed in a gator pit. I’d like to know how that one started. My best guess is that some teen got a lousy hand-me-down, and decided to make the best of it.