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Jason C. McDonald (CodeMouse92)

April 27, 2010

Meet Sigmund!

Sigmund was “born” while I was taking the state standardized test (see “Looks Like a Duck to Me!”). When I came home, I redrew the first cartoon. Since then, I’ve drawn a few more, and several ideas are already in the works.

Sigmund is a typical teenaged dragon. He’s inquisitive, adventurous, and a little clumsy. He resides at a castle in the dark ages, presumably living among the knights and peasants. He earns his keep by helping to protect the kingdom from invaders, and in exchange is free to do just about anything he likes.

The cartoons never actually feature any dialogue, with each panel being explained by a cursive caption. Additionally, none of the humans ever appear, though some later panels will involve off-screen third parties.

Perhaps the best way to introduce these cartoons is to ask Sigmund himself a little more about them.

(Click on each image to see the whole thing.)

Jason: I think “Nap Attack” is fairly explanatory. Anything you’d like to say about it?

Sigmund: Yeah. People underestimate how much energy knight-roasting really takes. Especially when you’re also trying to dodge arrows mid-flight. Moral of the story – support your local dragon. Keep the coffee pot full.

Jason: I’m surprised the chicken got that close to you.

Sigmund: I’m not. The chickens aren’t scared of me in the least. I think they consider me an over-sized rooster. The actual rooster is pretty jealous. I avoid him.

Jason: What happened here? Crash landing?

Sigmund: *Blush* No comment.

Jason: Is this from the aforementioned crash landing?

Sigmund: Ha ha, no. Rolled over onto a rosebush in my sleep. Once the doc got all the thorns out and cleaned me up, I healed pretty fast. The rosebush, on the other hand? Perhaps the less said, the better…

Well, there you have it! I’ll upload more when I finish them.



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