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Jason C. McDonald (CodeMouse92)

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Onboarding New Developers

How do you bring new developers into an existing team? By throwing them in the deep end and teaching them to swim!



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Icons, Python, and Ubuntu Unity

It turns out, adding an icon to your application on Ubuntu Unity is a little less than obvious, especially if you just want to test it out!



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Now with TWICE the Obviousness!

After he retired from superhero work, defeating criminals with crushingly obvious statements, Captain Obvious settled down and got a job in marketing. I know this because of a statement he wrote on a jar of peanut butter.

I think that actually says something about me, when I can go from peanut butter to retired superheroes by association. I wonder what ol’ Freud would have to say about that.

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Revisiting Dickens (and FREE e-book!)

I recently undertook the challenge of writing a sequel to Charles Dickens’ classic story, “A Christmas Carol”. You may think that writing a short story revisiting some of the best known characters in English literature would be quite simple, but this has been the most challenging story I’ve ever written.

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About Me

By day, I am the eccentric CEO/Lead Developer at MousePaw Games. By night, I’m asleep. I’ve been programming since 2012, though my game design efforts go back to age 12.

I am well versed in C++, Python, and HTML/CSS. In addition, I have been known to use Javascript and PHP. I am also a reformed Adobe Flash developer and Visual Basic .NET programmer, both of which I now hate with a vengeance.

I am a strong supporter of open source software, the Open Source Initiative, and Linux. I personally use and advocate Ubuntu Linux.

Most importantly, I am a traumatic brain injury survivor. This has its ups and downs. I cope with the downs and ride the ups, one of them being my unusual ability to visualize complex math and logic.

In addition to my programming, I am an author, speaker, and songwriter. In case it isn’t quite apparent, I also like messing around with photos.

In case you’re wondering, I’m an Arminianist (look it up).

Around the Web

I’m pretty easy to find online. By and large, the best way to get a hold of me is through Twitter or on Freenode IRC. I’m on the latter constantly, lurking in #python, #python-offtopic, #ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic, ##c++-friendly #kivy, and #mousepawgames.

As to Facebook, I ditched The Big Blue Book a long time ago and deleted my account. I don’t regret it.

About My Names

CodeMouse92 refers to a long-standing joke that started with a prank war when I was 12, in which I depicted several online friends, and eventually myself, as rodents in an original web game I made. My character was “Luke D. Mouse”, a nerdy, computer-loving rat who adopted the “Mouse” moniker to avoid species discrimination. Luke is now one of the main characters in MousePaw Games’ Operation SpyRat series, and “CodeMouse92” remains as my quirky online screenname.

If you’re looking for CodeMouse (Brian Sodano), you can find him at

On IRC, I sometimes go by CodeMouse92__ to appear visibly different in length from another IRC friend with a similar screen name.

My real name is Jason C. McDonald, thus my JasonMc92 screenname.

Indelible Blue Pen is more specifically the name of my blog, though I’ve used it as a screenname to associate the account with said blog. It is a poetic reminder that everything I write and say is permanent (indelible), and thus wisdom in my words is called for. And anyhow, I like blue.